Saturday, January 28, 2006

Nashville Cats/Noshville Katz

Former WCBS-FM DJ Bob Shannon set up a message board to discuss oldies music.  Today there was a thread about the novelty song Noshville Katz.  Back it 1967 the Lovin' Spoonful had a hit with Nashville Cats which I have on vinyl.  Murray the K played a parody of that song called Noshville Katz which by the Lovin' Cohens which is about a man who owns a kosher deli.  I used my Googling skills and found it on a radio show on WFMU.  I was able to download an mp3 version of it.  If anybody reading this blog is interested, I can send you the file.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce.  I think anyone whose been to the world famous Katz Diner should give this song a spin.  Please forward me the mp3 file.  Thanks.  

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for this song for 40 years!
I would LOVE a copy!
Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

I saw your offer for the file of Noshville Katz. If you could forward that file I would love to have it. I heard the song 40 years ago and nearly fell off my chair laughing. I've often wondered how to find a copy. Thanks you for your kindness. Jon Kaufman, San Diego, Ca.

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