Thursday, December 29, 2005

Reading Biographies during the Winter Break

I have in my bio that I am greatly interested in the popular music of the 1960s.  When I am not listening to the music of that decade I am often reading about it.  I just purchased from biographies of Donovan Leitch ( ) and Mike Bloomfield ( ).  Donovan is a Scottish folksinger often called the British Bob Dylan.  I have several of his albums on Vinyl from the 1960s.  He just released a boxed set on CD, but why should I buy it if I have most of the recordings on vinyl.  I enjoyed the biography, but it stopped at 1969.  Although Donovan was not active in the music business after 1970, it would have been interesting to know what he was doing.  He did release a CD called Sutras in the 1990s. Mike Bloomfield was a blues guitartist from Chicago.  He played with The Butterfield Blues Band, the Electric Flag and with Al Kooper.  I have on vinyl his Supersession recording with Al Kooper.  Yesterday I downloaded his greatest hits from Itunes.  Sadly Mike died in 1981 at the age of 37.

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