Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2 Museums in 2 Days

Yesterday we went to the Cradle of Aviation Museum ( located in Garden City Long Island.  Lee visited this museum some time ago with his Y group.  It is very similiar to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.  Charles Lindbergh took off from Mitchel Field which is near the museum.  Also Grumann and several other aviation companies existed on Long Island.  Today we went ot the Museum of Televsion and Radio ( on 52nd Street in Manhattan.  We went to the museum and saw a Howdy Doody Show from 1952.  Karen is working on a jigsaw puzzle which shows the history of television.  Lee all of a sudden became intersted in the Howdy Doody puppet.  It satisfied his curiosity to see a Howdy Doody Show.  We also saw the premier of the Johnny Cash TV show from 1969 which featured Bob Dylan and Joanie Mitchell.  We also saw Elvis Presley performing in Hawaii in 1973.

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Anonymous said...

As you speak of aviation history, check this out  and one of the first airports in the country is about a half hour from me

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