Thursday, July 4, 2024

Random Thoughts of the Day - July 4, 2024

  •  Happy 5th birthday to my grand nephew Teddy Shapiro who lives in Walnut Creek, California.  I discovered from his mother's Instagram account they are celebrating in Maui
  • I remember my old friend Mike's 4th of July birthday barbeque from 1969, 1970, and 1971.
  • Another old friend of mine texted me today saying that his landline and cell phones were disconnected when he tried to contact a mutual friend (HK).  He presumed HK had passed away.  I told him it was possible that HK moved and was too cheap to keep his cell phone.  I could not find an obituary online.
  • There was an unconfirmed report on a message board that radio personality Les Davis passed away.  I listened to him when he did a morning show at WYNY over 40 years ago.  Les worked at several other NYC radio stations.  Again, I could not find an online obituary.

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