Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Still Crazy after All These Years by Paul Simon - Reminds Me of a Reconnection with an Acquaintance


I knew HF when I was active in a Jewish singles group in Queens from 1978-81.  He was an avid sports fan and went to countless events.  He sat in section 1 of the upper deck of Shea Stadium with Fuzzy and his crew of diehards.  He would watch one game in person and listen to another on his little transistor radio.  He had a one-track mind and could only talk about sports.

I reconnected with him when I saw him at the trivia events at Commonpoint Queens in Bayside.  He was a sloppy dresser back then and still is. He can still only talk about sports.  Now he sits in Section 515 of Citi Field with Mike and his crew of diehards.  I will speak to him, but keep a distance as I want to look ahead to the future, not back upon the past.

He is "still crazy after all these years."

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