Tuesday, January 30, 2024

I Am Switching from the MetroCard to the OMNY Card


Fare collection on the New York City Bus and Subway system has a history.  Obviously, the fare has gone up over the years.  Growing up I paid 15 cents to get on the subway, while today the full fare is $2.90.  As a senior citizen, I pay $1.45.  Back then, the subway token was used to pay the fare.  One could use coins to pay the fare on the bus.  Over the years the fare increased and the subway token was changed several times.  In the 1990s the MetroCard was introduced to allow for a free transfer between the bus and the subway.

A rider often had to swipe several times to get into the Subway.  This was likely a result of the failure to clean the slots that took the Metrocard.  That could create an inconvenience.  For that reason, I decided to switch over to the OMNY card where I can tap my credit card to get on a bus or train.  I have observed that most riders still use the MetroCard.  The MTA will eventually retire the MetroCard, but I don't know when.  

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