Thursday, May 4, 2023

Should We Panic about the Mets? - We are Now 20% into the Season


The Mets just lost a three-game series to the lowly Detroit Tigers.  A week ago they lost two of three to the Washington Nationals.  They lost 9 out of their last 11 games and stand at a mediocre 16-16 record.  Some of the problem can be attributed to injuries:

  • Justin Verlander was out for one month and gave up 2 home runs in his first outing.
  • Jose Quintana is expected to miss half the season
  • Omar Narvaez was just placed on the 60-day injury list.  This gives Francisco Alvarez a chance to prove himself at the major league level.
  • Carlos Carrasco has been out for a few weeks.
The hitting just has not come through.  Today they managed only three hits off the Detroit Tigers.

It is a long season, so hopefully the Amazins can turn things around soon.

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