Thursday, January 27, 2022

Rhone Talsma, a Librarian, Becomes an Instant Celebrity as He Defeats 40-Time Winner Amy Schneider on Jeopardy


Rhone Talsma is Interviewed by Jimmy of the Clue Crew

Over the years many librarians have been contestants on Jeopardy.  However, librarians from the Chicago area have been "giant killers".  Last night Rhone Talsma of the Chicago Ridge Public Library defeated 40-time winner Amy Schneider.  He came from behind betting all his money on a Daily Double late in the game.  He got the Final Jeopardy correct while Amy didn't know that Bangladesh was the only country in the world whose name ended in h.  About two years ago Emma Boettcher, librarian at the University of Chicago defeated 32-game winner James Holzhauer.

I congratulate Amy as she leaves with the second-longest winning streak in Jeopardy history trailing Ken Jennings.  I wish Rhone well in his future games.

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