Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Random Thoughts at the End of November

I felt I need a little time off from social networking to attend to a health issue.  I am OK, but not 100%.  I would rather not discuss health issues in a public forum.  I have not met most of my Facebook friends and don't feel comfortable revealing health problems to strangers.

So the Mets are paying Max Scherzer $140 Million over 3 years.  I am just afraid that at age 38 his best years are behind him.  Pedro Martinez signed a 4 year deal with the Mets and only had one good season.  Likewise, Bret Saberhagen at the end of his career did not perform for the Mets.

So Javier Baez signed with the Detroit Tigers.  Will Pete Crow-Armstrong become a superstar for the Cubs?  Will Robinson Cano or Jeff McNeil win the second base job?

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