Friday, January 1, 2021

Best of Luck to Five Anchorwomen Who are Leaving NY1


I have been an avid viewer of NY1 News since the inception of the station in 1992.  All of the anchors and reporters have done an excellent job in reporting New York City News to the viewers.  Some have moved on to other news organizations or changed careers and became executives in the public relations field.

Five anchorwomen filed an age and gender discrimination case against Charter Communications, the parent company:

  • Roma Torre
  • Jeanine Ramirez
  • Amanda Farinacci
  • Vivian Lee
  • Kristin Shaughnessy
The New York Times reported today that the litigation was settled and that the five anchors/reporters will be leaving the station.

This is sad since the five were excellent in their endeavors at the station and will be sorely missed by their viewers.  They were all great assets to the station.  Roma was employed by the station since its inception, while the others were long-term employees.

Some years ago Kristin Shaughnessy interviewed me about stolen cars in Flushing one morning as I walked past the 109th Precinct.  I had about 30 seconds of fame on NY1.

I hope that all of them will land on their feet and be reemployed very soon.  Perhaps they will go to other TV stations in NYC or pursue careers in related areas.  

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