Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Random Thoughts about Daylight Savings Time

If you are interested, you may hear a minor hit recorded by Keith (real name James Keefer) in 1967.  It only reached #79 on Billboard so only real oldies enthusiasts know about it.  In the song, he says that daylight savings time (DST) gives him more time to spend with his baby.

Anyway, you may read about the background and history of DST if you are interested in all the details.  This Sunday at 2:00 AM we will turn the clocks ahead and observe DST until early November.  While growing up DST was 6 months from the end of April to the end of October.  Over the years the U.S. Congress has increased DST so now it is almost 8 months.  Whenever the clocks change there are arguments for staying on DST year-round or keeping standard time all year.  There are more automobile accidents on the day after the clocks changes.  More heart attacks are reported that day as well.

Arizona and Hawaii keep standard time year-round.  If New York did that sunrise would be about 4:30 AM during May, June, and July.  If we went to DST year-round sunrise would be around 8:30 in November, December, and January creating hazardous conditions for students on the way to school. 

My opinion is that early March is not the right time for DST as sunrise will not be until 7:20 AM.  If I had my way I would move it to the end of March.  However, it would take an act of Congress to do that.

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