Thursday, January 16, 2020

I Blame Brodie Van Wagenen and the Wilpons for this Fiasco

Any job interview should be an honest exchange between the hiring manager(s) and the candidate.  I obviously don't know what transpired when Carlos Beltran was interviewed by the Mets' management, but he should have been grilled about the situation with the sign-stealing accusations with the Astros.  Everyone fibs a little bit at a job interview as any candidate should not volunteer information that is potentially damaging.  Van Wagenen and the Wilpons should have investigated Beltran's involvement with the Astros before the report was issued by MLB.  Beltran should not have been hired if there was any doubt about his involvement.

A few questions:

  • Who will be the next Met manager?  Will they appoint one of the unsuccessful candidates from the recently concluded search?  Will someone else emerge?  Should the successful candidate have previous managerial experience or will they hire someone like David Wright?  What will happen to the coaches who were recently hired?

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