Monday, December 9, 2019

The Select Bus Service Machine Ate Up My Metrocard

I used to have a blog completely devoted to my commuting problems when I commuted from Queens to Newark.  I stopped adding to this blog when I retired in December 2017.  I no longer ride on New Jersey Transit, but I still ride on MTA buses and subways for my leisure activities.

Last Saturday I took the Q44 which is part of the select bus service program.  Riders must insert their Metrocard into the machines seen above and receive a printed ticket as proof of payment.  It saves time since the bus driver does not have to wait for riders to dip their Metrocards.  Occasionally a fare inspector will ask riders for their slip to ensure they have paid.

After I inserted my reduced senior citizen Metrocard into the machine, I received a ticket, but it ate up my Metrocard.  When I got to the Main Street Station I had to buy a full-fare card to get on the subway.  Today I phoned the MTA and reported this incident.  The person I spoke to said that this type of incident does occur.  I will have to wait about 3 weeks to get my senior citizen discount card.

Oh well. 

Anyway, I am writing this for Gregory Wolf who loves to read about my commuting problems.  He is an excellent baseball writer and editor for SABR (Society of American Baseball Research).  By the way, I was on the way to see St. Johns University Basketball at Madison Square Garden.

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