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World of Bob Dylan Symposium - May 31 - Presentations at the Gilcrease Museum

There was another building across from the Gilcrease Museum where there were meeting rooms.  Let me list the presentations that I attended there.

B4 - Out of the Archives: Infidels

My favorite song from Infidels that was released in 1983 was Neighborhood Bully that was not discussed at any sessions that I attended.

R. Paul Yoder -
Jokerman at the Ritz; Bob Dylan, Alexander Pope and the Revision of Jokerman.
Jokerman and Man of Peace had similar origins.  Some concepts from Jokerman were taken from Alexander Pope's  Essays on Criticism.

Terry Gans - From "Too Late" to "Foot of Pride" A song's Evolution and Abandonment
I first heard Foot of Pride when Lou Reed played it at the "Bobfest" in October 1992.  It was the book of revelations.  The expression "Foot of Pride" was from Psalm. 36.  The spirit of the song is anger.

Walter Raubichek - Man of the Mountain Jokerman Reflects on Dylan
The Infidels album introduced the messianic period of Dylan's career which persisted through several albums of the 1980s.

E3 -Twisted Truth: Dylan's 60's Rock

Sarah Gates - The Truth Just Twists. Psychedelic Irony in "Gates of Eden"
She discussed the song in detail. It was the B Side of Like a Rolling Stone.

D. Quentin Miller - It's Chicken Dylan's Comic Absurdity and the Beat Generation
Dylan was always a good friend of Allen Ginsburg

Christine Hand Jones - Bringing it All Back Home and Dylan's Postmodern Apocalypse.
She is a singer-songwriter.

Keynote:  A Deep Dive into The Bob Dylan Archives with Michael Chaiken and Anne Margaret Daniel

The speakers stated that Bob Dylan Archive was purchased by the George Kaiser Family Foundation and is housed at the University of Tulsa.  It is not intended to be a shrine to Dylan.  It is now open to serious scholars and is in development.  There will be anchor exhibitions representing the archives which include 38,000 photographs.  Much effort has been expended in digitizing films of Dylan.  More information about the archives may be found at

G3. Panel: Dylan at Work: In the Studio

Robert Hurd "Basement Noise" Audience, Technology and Value in Dylan Bootlegs.
He mentioned Clinton Heylin's book History of the special recording industry which I am getting from the Queens Public Library.

A demand for bootleg recordings was created as there were no official releases from May 1966 to December 1967,  Bootlegs like The Great White Wonder appealed to cult fans rather than normal fans.

He quoted from Greil Marcus who said that the recording industry may have to respond to the demands of fans.  A Bob Dylan bootleg "museum" may be found at

Christopher Rollason - Dylan the writer at work:  On the Multiple Versions of "Dignity" and Two Versions of "Ain't Talkin'"

Dignity was an outtake from Oh Mercy.  There were two versions of "Ain't Talkin'" 2008's Tell Tale Signs

The buses then took people back to the hotel where there was an evening keynote:

The Bob Dylan Archives Collections 1963-2001

Michael Chaiken, the curator of the archive, presented rare television and concert performances spanning 40 years of Dylan's career including:

  • North Country Blues (1963)
  • 1966 Tour of England
  • 1975 Rolling Thunder Review
  • 1986 Hard to Handle Tour

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