Monday, February 18, 2019

13 Years on Facebook

I received a notification today that it is my 13th anniversary of being on Facebook.  I look back at my activity with mixed feelings.  It can be a very big time suck and a waste of time.  I admit that much of what I have posted is nonsense.  Does the world have to know that I went to a movie today?  On the other hand, I have connected with many people who share professional and leisure interests.  I have likely discovered information on Facebook that I would not have found elsewhere.

There is the issue of my 543 Facebook Friends.  When I first signed up I was very eager to friend people, but as the years passed I lost that desire.  Most of them I have met either just once or not at all.  Sometimes an online relationship develops but fades over time.  I don't like it when people post about illnesses and other problems.  Why do I have to read about a stranger's problems?  I try to avoid not getting too personal on Facebook and in this journal.

The most difficult posts I wrote in Facebook were when my mother was ill and eventually passed away.  It was my sad duty to report the untimely passing of my friend Alan Berman.

I guess the beat will go on and I will post on Facebook as I've done for 13 years and read other people's posts.

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