Monday, June 4, 2018

There are Just Too Many Trailers Preceding Movies

Today, I went to the AMC Bay Terrace Complex to see the film Adrift scheduled to begin at 12:15 PM.  After several trailers (previews) the movie didn't begin until 12:40.  I didn't count the number of previews this time, but often there up to 7 before the actual start.  I don't mind sitting through a few, but 7 taking up to 25 minutes is just excessive.  This is especially annoying when the film is long.  We pay enough to see movies in a theater, but these trailers are essentially commercials which we can see at home any time.

Very often a trailer is shown and then that movie is never shown at that theater.  For example, I saw trailers for Book Club and Adrift at the College Point Multiplex, but those films were never shown there.

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