Thursday, April 12, 2018

Viewing Radio Seminars about WCBS-FM and WNEW-FM at the Paley Center

It seems that I have been going to the Paley Center about once a week since I retired.  Today  I viewed two radio seminars that were held at the museum years ago.

The first one discussed the state of oldies radio in 2003.  Even back then WCBS-FM was playing less music from the 1950s and early 1960s.  The following radio personalities spoke and answered questions from the audience:

  • Bill Brown (now deceased)
  • Joe McCoy  - then the Program Director
  • Bob Shannon
  • Don K. Reed
  • Norm N. Nite
Nobody even imagined the flip to the dreaded Jack format two years later.

The second seminar held in 1997 considered freeform radio as it began in 1967 when WNEW-FM adopted that format.  The following radio personalities spoke and fielded questions from the audience:
  • Pete Fornatale (now deceased)
  • Dave Herman (now deceased)
  • Rosko (now deceased)
  • Scott Muni (now deceased)
  • Zacherle (now deceased)
  • Vin Scelsa
  • Dennis Elsas
  • Jonathan Schwartz

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