Saturday, January 6, 2018

Two Original Byrds: Chris Hillman and David Crosby Have New Albums

The original members of the Byrds formed in 1964 were:

  • Roger McGuinn
  • David Crosby
  • Chris Hillman
  • Gene Clark (now deceased)
  • Mike Clark (now deceased)
There were many personnel changes in the group, but McGuinn stayed with the group until it eventually disbanded.  The individual members of the group were prolific recording artists for many years,

Today as I was reading the latest issue of Goldmine Magazine  I found out that both Hillman and Crosby have recently released new albums as seen above.  These two guys have been recording for over 50 years.

Bidin' My Time by Chris Hillman which was produced by the late Tom Petty includes appearances by Roger McGuinn and David Crosby.  It is the closest thing to a Byrds reunion.

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