Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Media is Creating the News Again

Here we go again as the media is really blowing out of proportion the story of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sexually abusing women.  Do I really have to see and read about this every day?  Does it affect me?  I guess it builds up rating points for the local and network newscasts.

I was watching the ABC News with David Muir tonight when there was a story about a police officer in Skokie, Illinois buying a gym membership for a kid after he was caught trespassing in that gym since he could not afford the membership fee.  Is this appropriate for a national newscast?  I would rather hear about a police officer buying food for a family that is starving.

Sometimes I wonder why I watch TV news.


njfan39 said...

The Weinstein story is national news. The entertainment industry is covered at a national level and when one of its major contributaries is in the midst of being exiled, it becomes national news. To ignore it is bias and to be bias is not good journalism. If you don't care, it is okay to not follow the story or turn off the television.

The police stories...whatever. They are of the same value so it isn't clear to me why one would be more newsworthy over the other.

Bruce S said...

It is very unusual when readers of Bruce's Journal post comments. I don't know if njfan39 is an acquaintance or a complete stranger. I will certainly ignore any stories about Harvey Weinstein. It is just not of interest to me. I stand by my comment that very often the media does brainwash the public by blowing trivial events out of proportion.

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