Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bob Dylan Archive at the University of Tulsa Opens

It was announced in Rolling Stone that the Bob Dylan archive at the University of Tulsa is open, but not just anybody can access it.  This archive will be granted to individuals wth a qualified research project.  Qualified researchers must consult with the finding aid and make a request to the librarian.  Hmm, maybe I should apply to become a librarian at the University of Tulsa.

I am quoting directly from the article in Rolling Stone:

Select items from the collection will eventually be exhibited at the Bob Dylan Center, the primary public venue for the archive. The George Kaiser Family Foundation's Executive Director Ken Levit, and University of Tulsa President Gerard Clancy, announced that they are now accepting design proposals for the Bob Dylan Center, which will be housed in an existing building in Tulsa's Brady Arts District. An expected opening date has yet to be announced.

The opening state could be at least several years away since design proposals are first being accepted now.  Be assured that when it does open, the Slutsky family will be making a trip to Tulsa.

More information from Rolling Stone.

After reading these articles, I am tempting to make my retirement home in Tulsa.  :)

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