Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Major League Rosters Expand Today

On September 1 major league teams can increase their rosters to 40 players.  Thus many will be recalled from the minor leagues while others will come up when the AAA season ends in a week or so.  Baseball is the only sport that allows for the expansion of rosters.

It gives teams a chance to observe many prospects who will likely be promoted to the major leagues next season.  Contending teams can really take advantage of having more players by making numerous lefty/righty moves with pitchers and hitters.  I just hate it when a pitcher is brought in to get one batter.  It just makes the game drag.

I think the rule shoujld be changed so that a team may activate only 28 players for each game.  They can recall as many players as they want, but have 3 extra players each game.

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