Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hero Cops Should Get More Attention from the Media

There is much controversy over several high profile cases where the police have allegedly acted illegally in their actions against minorities.  There has been much press about the situation with Eric Garner where a policeman used an illegal choke hold while trying to apprehend him.  Likewise the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has rightfully outraged many.  I was greatly saddened many years ago when Amadou Diallo was shot 43 times in the Bronx when he was just reaching for his wallet to show identification.  There were certainly many other high profile cases.

I strongly believe that in the current cases, the police involved should be brought to justice and that training be given to all police on how to confront an alleged perpetrator.

All these situations have been covered intensely by the media who have made Al Sharpton a "superstar".

I think the media should give more attention to police officers who have gone beyond the call of duty to protect the public.  Officer Steven MacDonald has received much attention as he was paralyzed many years ago in the line of duty.  I think there are many other cases where police officers have been heroes.  They should get more media exposure than Al Sharpton.

Another idea is for the Patrolman's Benevolent Association should run a public relations campaign emphasizing the positive things that police officers do.  Situations like the one with Eric Garner are very rare.

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