Friday, July 11, 2014

McDougal, Dennis. 2014. Dylan: the biography.

I read yet another Bob Dylan Biography.  There has been so much written about the enigmatic Mr. Zimmerman over the years.  How do the biographies differ?  I guess there are different revelations in every one.  Chronicles, an autobiography, should be the definitive one, but it is vague and open to interpretation as many of Dylan's songs.  Part I was written in 2004, but there was never a part II.

It must be very hard to write a biography of Dylan since he rarely gives interviews.  The only thing that hit about this work is that McDougal claims that Dylan was a big womanizer.  This point may have been mentioned elsewhere, but for some reason it "hit" me this time.  It is well known that he married and divorced Sara Lowndes, but recent biographies report that he was married to Carolyn Dennis, one of his background singers.  McDougal states that Dylan may have been married two more times.  He may have fathered a few more children by girlfriends.

The biography should be read by Dylan enthusiasts who are "completists".  There are some details about Dylan's life that may be new to some of his fans.

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