Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review of My Father and the Man in Black

As I have stated several times before in this journal my son Lee has been a big fan of Johnny Cash for many years.  I had read on the internet several accounts of the documentary My Father and the Man in Black.  About a month ago it played at one theater in Greenwich Village, but I decided that it was more cost effective to wait until the movie was released on DVD.

Don't expect any music here since it considered the relationship between Johnny and his long time manager Saul Holiff.  The film was actually produced by  Saul's son Jonathan.  There was much biographic information about Johnny.  I didn't realize that since his problem with drugs was so bad in the mid 1960s many concerts were cancelled.  The relationship between the two was somewhat contentious over the years.

This is very much a niche film appropriate for county music historians and fans of Johnny.

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