Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today's Basketball Notes

We likely saw our last game of the season as we went to the Pratt Recreation Center and saw Bridgeport defeat CW Post 70-61. This was the final game of the East Coast Conference tournament. Bridgeport now moves on to the Division II NCAA basketball tournament.

Last night I watched the HBO special on Larry Bird and Magic Johnson so luckily for me I missed seeing the Knicks to the New Jersey Nets 113-93. The Nets won their 7th game of the season (2 against the Knicks) and now have a good chance of obtaining the worst season record in NBA history. The Philadelphia 76ers were 9-73 in 1972-73.

LeBron James has applied to change his uniform number fror 23 to 6 for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This has fueled speculation that will he will stay in Cleveland and not sign with the Knicks. It seems that for two seasons Donnie Walsh, Knick President of Basketball Operations, has been trying to undo the fiasco of his predecessor Isiah Thomas. Walsh is dumping all contracts that don't expire so that he'll have enough money to sign several big free agents including LeBron James. If he doesn't, you will hear chants of "Fire Donny" in Madison Square Garden next season. Personally, I think everyone will be better off if the Dolans sell the team.

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