Monday, September 3, 2007

76 Pitches

Ok Young Mike, the entry will not be as poignant as the last one.  Although it was a nice day today, I had to stay inside at 1 PM to watch the Mets play the Cincinnati Reds.  Pedro Martinez pitched his first game of the season after recovery from rotator cuff surgery.  After 5 innings and 76 pitches Pedro left the game with the Mets ahead 4-3.  The relief pitching and the hitting came through late in the game as the Mets won 10-4.  If Pedro stays healthy the rest of the way the Mets can go all the way.  Maybe we'll have a repeat of the 1986 World Series with the same result.



Anonymous said...

As a HUGE Red Sox fan it was good to see Pedro back on the bump.  It wasn't too shabby to see young Clay Buchholz tossing a no-no for Pedro's former team this weekend either.  I too hope this World Series is a rematch of the 1986 World Series . . . with a happier ending.  

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Pedro face oh, a .500 team before mentions of the World Series.  Right now, I like those Padres to come out the National league.

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