Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Stormy Morning and the Dentist (2nd time)

This is a repeat what happened on July 18th which I didn't report on this blog. I was scheduled today for a dentists appointment at 10:30 AM in Forest Hills. I was planning to finish there by 11:30 and then go to work for 1/2 day. There were very strong thunderstorms in the NYC area this morning. There even was a possible tornado in Brooklyn. I was going to leave my apartment at 9:30 for the dentist. I phoned the office, but nobody was there yet. I decided to take a chance and take the subway there and hope that she will be there by 10:30. I took the #7 line to 74th Street. There was no underground service to Forest Hills, so I turned back to go home. The dentists office phone me and rescheduled my appointment for 4:30. I have plenty of sick time and there is nothing much doing in the summer anyway. Finally my dental work is completed for a few months at least.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you didn't miss your appt.  Got to keep those dentists in business.

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