Saturday, March 3, 2007

Long Island Radio Day at CW Post

I always like to explore new places.  I read yesterday on the New York Radio Message Board that there would be a Long Island Radio Day at CW Post Sponsored by Long Island Wireless Historical Society.  The main thrust of the show was old time radio broadcasts, ham radio, and antique radio.  There were tables with people selling old radios including the transistor radios that we used back in the 1960s  There was another table with CDs and cassettes of Old Time Radio shows.  We bought a CD of radio interviews of Elvis Presely.  We attended a one hour talk detailing the history of ham radio.  CW Post offered a tour of WCWP, the campus radio station.  In the parking lot there was an SUV with the license plate 77 WABC.  I posted on the Saturday Night oldies board ( asking who owned that car.  Mark Simone didn't know.

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