Saturday, December 2, 2006

Saturday Night Oldies Meet and Greet

We finally had our Saturday Night Oldies Meet and Greet at Bens Deli on West 38th Street in Manhattan.  This event could only be organized by the new information technologies.  On June 3, 2005 WCBS-FM dropped the oldies format after 33 years and flipped to the dreaded Jack format.  On December 3, 2005 WABC partially filled the void by placing Saturday night oldies from 6 - 10 PM.  From 1960-82 WABC was the premier top 40 station in the USA if not New York.  I am grateful that the management of WABC appreciates the heritage of the station and put oldies back on the air even only 4 hours a week.  I helped Frank, Jeff, Alan and Cara plan this event to celebrate the first anniversary of the show.  It was nice to meet Mark Simone the DJ and his producer Frank Marano.  Several people brought digital cameras.  Frank took a picture of me with Mark.  So hopefully, he will send it to me soon so I could post it.

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