Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

It seems that I have a Sunday night ritual of listening to BBC2's Sound of the Sixties with Brian Matthew while I add to this blog.  Thursday night, Karen, Lee, and I went to Bens of Bayside for Thanksgiving Dinner.  My mother went with my sister to her husband Keith's family dinner in New Jersey.  On Friday we went to the Harry Potter movie.  These movies are not my cup of tea but Lee said that he enjoyed it.  Saturday morning we went to breakfast at Uncle Bill's Dinner.  It was good to have pancakes and sausages.  In the afternoon we saw the movie Rent at the College Point Multiplex.  It's really nice to have a movie complex within walking distance.  Sunday morning I went with my mother to the unveiling for my Uncle George who died last February at the age of 93.  It was nice to see my cousins on my fathers side of the family.  In the afternoon we went to St. John's University to see the Women's basketball team.  They beat Niagara University 67 to 43.  The quality of college basketball is not the greatest, but at $7 a ticket it is a bargain.  After the game, we went to a Barnes and Nobles Bookstore.  Karen and Lee bought calendars while I bought yet another Bob Dylan book.  I am going to have to write an entry about my 40 years of being a Bob Dylan fan.  Back to work tomorrow. UGH!!!!

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