Thursday, March 23, 2023

It is 7:31 and It's Time To Turn Off The Today Show - Creating the News Again About the Murdaughs


I thought that after Alex Murdaugh was convicted and sentenced, I would not hear about that family again.  Now his son, Buster, is suspected of the death of his classmate Stephen Smith in 2015.  This was a cold case that is suddenly being reopened.  There are likely hundreds of murder cases that have not been solved.  Why is this getting so much attention from the media?  Since Alex is a murderer, why is his son also suspected as a murderer?  I usually watch The Today Show in the morning, but every day at 7:31 it is Murdaugh time when I turn off the TV.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Remembering May 8, 1970, and Willis Reed


Today, we learned that New York Knick legend Willis Reed passed away at age 80.  Please check Basketball-Reference  to see the statistics he compiled during his Hall of Fame career for the New York Knicks.

The highlight of his career had to be winning the NBA championship on May 8, 1970, at Madison Square Garden. The Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers were tied at 3-3, but it was uncertain if Willis would be able to play with a muscle tear in his right thigh.

The Knicks ott an emotional rush when their captain hobbled onto the floor against the Lakers, hit two jump shots, and boosted his teammates’ confidence and performance for their first NBA championship.

RIP Willis and thanks for the memories.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Why Don't You Write Me by Simon and Garfunkel - Classic Album Cut of the Day


This cut appeared on the Bridge over Troubled Waters album in 1970.  Many fans thought this was in reference to the split between Simon and Garfunkel.  Art Garfunkel was on an extended vacation in Mexico.  Back in those days, you had to write a letter and use postal mail to send it.

I wish some of my old acquaintances would send me an email, text message, or Facebook message and ask me how I am doing.  A click on Facebook or Twitter is not enough.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

More Unhappiness about a Discussion Group

 I previously reported on my unhappiness with a discussion group at a local senior center.  I asked the people there if they can start a group for men only.  They accepted my suggestion and started a group that meets on Friday mornings.  The same problems that I faced with two other groups exist in this men's group.

  • A few people domineer the group
  • I am just listening to other people's small talk.
Last Friday a gentleman complained that his hearing aid didn't work after his barber accidentally sprayed water into his ear.

Another man related a story where his girlfriend who worked in a nail salon was not paid.

I think the social worker who moderates the group should:
  • Ensure that everyone who wants to talk should have the opportunity.
  • The topic at hand should be of interest to the majority of participants.
I think that complaining will not do any good.  I just have to evaluate whether I should come again.  If I am not enjoying myself, I am only punishing myself for coming.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Remembering Richard Sweeney and His Green Jacket on St. Patrick's Day

Richard Sweeney was University Librarian at NJIT from 1995 until his untimely passing in 2016. Every St. Patrick's Day, he wore a green jacket as seen below.

One of his code names was Mr. Spreadsheet as he must have thousands of them over the years.  I wonder if he colored his spreadsheets green every March 17th. My favorite quote from Richard Sweeney was "Is there anything else for the good of the order".


Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Obvious Oldie of the Day - Vehicle by Ides of March


The Ides of March is a one-hit wonder as this reached #2 on the Billboard Chart in Spring 1970.  The group did have a handful of other minor hits according to Billboard, but none broke into the Top 40.  Pflash Phelps mentioned it on this 60s Gold morning show, but he couldn't play it since it was a 70s hit.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Bob Dylan Advertising Signs 2004-2014


I found this video on Twitter, but the Tweeter obtained it from the Peter Stone Brown archives.  It is a compilation of TV ads that Dylan did during that time frame.  The original soundtrack was replaced by Dylan's I've Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You from the 2020 CD Rough and Rowdy Ways.  Does this meant that Dylan is giving himself to the advertisers?
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