Monday, October 24, 2016

Bobby Vee Passes Away at 73 - Yes There is a Connection to Bob Dylan

Today we found out that Bobby Vee passed away at age 73 from complications of Alzheimer's Disease.  There have just been too many entertainers who have left us in 2016 .  Bobby who was born Robert Velline recorded 38 Top 100 hits from 1959 to 1970.  I thank Don Tandler the owner of Pop Gold Radio  for playing his major hits at 3 PM today shortly after the death was announced.  There is an exellent biography of Bobby published today in The Guardian.

It turns out that c.1960 Bob Dylan using the name Elston Gunn toward with Bobby Vee. In 2013 Dylan played a cover of Vee's Suzie Baby at a concert in St. Paul, Minnesta.  As you can see from the Youtube video below he acknowledged that his old friend was in the audience,

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bob Dylan Ain't Talking - He Should be Ashamed of Himself

I was listening to Don McGee's Mixed Bag show on WFUV this afternoon when he played Dylan's Ain't Talking from the Modern Times album.  He played it since Dylan ain't talking publically about his winning the Nobel Prize.  Over the last few years he doesn't talk to the audience during his concerts.  He just won a very presigious award and is the envy of millions throughout the world.  C'mon Zimmy, talk to us and show some gratitude to the people who have supported you for over 50 years.

The video above is from a 2006 concert at New York City Center.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Will Bob Dylan Accept the Nobel Prize For Literature?

It is certainly a rare honor and privilege to win any Nobel Prize.  I think that anyone who won it would be ecstatic and jump at the opportunity to publically acknowledge it and go to Stockholm to accept it.  We all know that Bob Dylan has been uncommunicative and reclusive for many years.  I read that the Nobel Prize committee tried unsuccessfully to contact him.  There was a brief mention on Dylan's web site, but it was taken down.

The question is will he accept the award?  The ceremony is scheduled for December 10 in Stockholm.  The last concert on the 2016 leg of the Never Ending tour is November 23 in Fort Lauderdale, so there is absolutely no excuse for a no show on his part.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Donald Trump Praises Bill and Hillary Clinton in a 2008 Interview on NY1

I usually don't comment on political issues, but I got a good laugh on the way home when I viewed this interview with former NY1 political reporter Dominic Carter speaking to Donald Trump in 2008.

Words of wisdom from The Donald.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Happy 90th Birthday to Chuck Berry

At least one recording artist from the 1950s is still active today.  Happy Birthday to Chuck Berry.  One of my favorites of his is No Particular Place to Go from 1964.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Happy 33rd Anniversary to Us

October 16, 1983 was also a Sunday and the weather was the same as it is today.  We walked down the aisle at the Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation.  Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner performed the ceremony.  We featured Beatle songs at the wedding but Endless Love by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie was our wedding song which was picked by Karen.  I didn't hook her on Bob Dylan until after we were married.

Friday, October 14, 2016

A Nobel Laureate Can Write A Silly Song

Wiggle Wiggle


 Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle like a gypsy queen
 Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle all dressed in green
 Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ’til the moon is blue
 Wiggle ’til the moon sees you

 Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle in your boots and shoes
 Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, you got nothing to lose
 Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle like a swarm of bees
 Wiggle on your hands and knees

 Wiggle to the front, wiggle to the rear
 Wiggle ’til you wiggle right out of here
 Wiggle ’til it opens, wiggle ’til it shuts
 Wiggle ’til it bites, wiggle ’til it cuts

 Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle like a bowl of soup
 Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle like a rolling hoop
 Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle like a ton of lead
 Wiggle—you can raise the dead

 Wiggle ’til you’re high, wiggle ’til you’re higher
 Wiggle ’til you vomit fire
 Wiggle ’til it whispers, wiggle ’til it hums
 Wiggle ’til it answers, wiggle ’til it comes

 Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle like satin and silk
 Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle like a pail of milk
 Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, rattle and shake
 Wiggle like a big fat snake

Copyright © 1990 by Special Rider Music

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