Saturday, March 17, 2018

Record and CD Fair at the Watson Hotel on West 57th Street

Today I made a return trip to the Watson Hotel on West 57th Street for a Record and CD fair that is held there monthly.  Since I was there 6 months ago I thought it was time to come back as the vendors and selection of music changes.  Here is what I bought:

  • A Tribute to Bob Dylan - covers of his songs by various artists
  • Willie Nelson - City of New Orleans
  • Roseanne Cash - Hits 1939-79
  • Neil Diamond - Dreams
  • Sam & Dave - The Very Best of
  • Beatles - The Acoustic Submarine (I don't know if these are covers of Beatles songs by other artists)
  • Spyro Gyra - Wrapped in a Dream
  • Santana - Supernatural
  • Neil Young - Unplugged
All the CDs above cost me $30

One of the vendors even remembered me from my September visit.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Ed Charles of the 1969 Mets Passes Away at 84

It was announced yesterday that "The Glider" Ed Charles of the 1969 Mets passed away at his home in East Elmhurst, Queens.  We have already lost several members of that famous team:

  • Tug McGraw
  • Tommy Agee
  • Cal Koonce
  • Don Cardwell
  • Danny Frisella
  • Gil Hodges
A few other members of that team are facing health issues, but it is almost 50 years since that "miracle."

Sometime in the early to mid 1980s I met Ed Charles in Flushing Meadows Park.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

So Much to See at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I did a search of my journal and read that I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art on February 20, 2017.  Since it was just over a year since I was there, I thought it was time for a return visit.

I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but since the museum is so large it is so difficult to absorb everything observed.  There was art in many different formats and from almost every corner of the world.  I think it would really take 2 or 3 days to examine everything.  Thus my observations today was very cursory.

I was impressed by this exhibit - Thomas Cole's Journey: Atlantic Crossings.  Cole is a landscape painter who lived from 1801-1848.  The highlight of the day for me was seeing Washington' Crossing the Delaware painted by Emanuel Luetze.  My cell phone photo is below.

I found at through Facebook that my fellow recent NJIT retiree Bill Reynolds was at the Whitney Museum downtown,  Inevitably, our paths will cross at another museum.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I Bought Tickets for 10 Met Games Today

It was a cold and blustery morning, but I drove over to Citi Field and bought tickets for 10 games this season.  If I bought them online I would have had to pay a $5/ticket service charge, so I saved $150.  They are all in section 514 which is the upper deck behind home plate.  I will likely go to several weekday afternoon games and try to meet up with some of my retired Facebook friends.  For the first time, I will be going to a game in March, so I am really hoping that the weather warms up by then. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

I Bought Tickets for Paul Simon at Madison Square Garden in September

In February I reported in this journal that Paul Simon is retiring and will give a farewell tour with the proceeds going to charity.  He will be "Homeward Bound" as he will be performing at the Prudential Center in Newark and at Madison Square Garden (MSG) in September.  Today I bought tickets for the MSG show on Friday, September 21.

I paid about $100/ticket, but I was annoyed that Ticketmaster wanted $23/ticket as their fee.  There is no choice but to pay the fee as one can't go to the box office.

I doubt that Art Garfunkel will not be there with him at all since he has been having problems with his voice.  I also sense that Paul and Art are not on the best of terms. Maybe I'll be surprised that night.

Monday, March 12, 2018

17 Days Until Opening Day

Opening Day at Citi Field is Thursday, March 29.  I am not complaining that the date was moved up, but I am hoping that the weather won't be cold when there is a ball game.  As of now, we will be going to Game 2 on March 31.  Later this week I will go over to the box office at Cit Field to buy tickets for about 10 games for the family.  Likely, I will go to several weekday afternoon games and ask through Facebook is there anyone there that I know.  I have met several people for the first time at the ball park.
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