Saturday, December 10, 2016

Patti Smith Should Have Sung Forever Young at the Nobel Prize Ceremony today

I mentioned before that Patti Smith went to Stockholm to accept the Nobel Prize for Bob Dylan.  I heard that she sung A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall at the ceremony.  You can see below that she flubbed a couple of lines.  I forgive her for that, but I really feel that the wrong song was selected as this was a cold war song from the early 1960s.  We should all look ahead to the future, no back upon the past.

I would have selected Forever Young which is much, kinder, gentler, and timeless.  I just finished watching a DVD of The Last Waltz where Dylan sang it backed by the Band.

I am Mr. Spreadsheet for SABR

About two years ago I joined SABR which is an acronym for the Society for American Baseball Research.  I was always interest in the history of baseball and was thinking ahead to retirement as I'd like to be active in a "cultural" organization.  After about a year I volunteered to be the record keeper for the Games Project.  SABR members write up various games that are historical in nature such as a no hitter, world series victory, and record setting incident among others.  When a member submits a game I have to check the spreadsheet to see if the game has been done before.  There have been over 1000 games done.  This has been a lot of work.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Random Comments of the Day

Today is the 36th anniversary of the tragic murder of John Lennon.  I don't want to repeat what I said in previous years so I'll refer my readers to these posts about John.

It was announced on Bob Dylan's official web site that the Never Ending Tour will come to the United Kingdom in May 2017. Hopefully it will come to NYC over the summer.

It was announced today that astronaut and Senator John Glenn died at age 95.  I remember back in February 1962 as a student at Russell Sage Junior High School many kids brought in transistor radios to monitor his three orbits around the earth.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Patti Smith Will Represent Bob Dylan at the Nobel Prize Ceremony

Again, I must express my disappointment that Bob Dylan will not appear in Stockholm to accept his Nobel Prize for literature.  Patti Smith will appear and sing A Hard Rain is a-Gonna Fall.  I also feel that this is a cold war song and is not appropriate for this occasion.  I would have liked to have heard Blowin' in the Wind instead.  I also read that Dylan sent an acceptance speech to be read.

Article in Los Angeles Times

Sunday, December 4, 2016

College Hockey at Madison Square Garden

Since ticket prices have skyrocketed over recent years for professional sports at Madison Square Garden, we have gone to college games.  Most of the times we have seen St. Johns basketball, but last night there was rare college hockey game with the University of North Dakota playing Boston College.

I was somewhat surprised to see so many fans rooting for North Dakota.  I must assume that the university sponsored a group trip to New York City.  They were very enthusiastic about their hockey.  There was also a small er contingent from Boston College.  The quality of the game was quite good as North Dakota won 4-3.

Box score

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bill Dillane Interviews Rich Appel

I highly suggest that readers of Bruce's Journal watch this interview.  Rich talks at length about That Thing with Rich Appel.  It is heard on over 66 internet and terrestrial radio stations all over the world.  I usually catch it Sunday nights on Pop Gold Radio.

I am actually mentioned in this interview.  I guess I am now a celebrity in North Haven, CT.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Collective Bargaining Agreement in Major League Baseball

Can you really call playing baseball labor?  These guys get millions of dollars a year for playing a boys game.  Sometimes these multimillionaires act like children, but there is labor peace for several years.  I really think that the baseball strike of 1994-95 was really devastating and must never happen again.

The one thing I like about this agreement is that the All-Star game will not decide what team gets the extra home game in a 7 game World Series.  The pennant winning team with the better record will get the home field advantage now.  Another change is that the minimum time on the disabled list is reduced from 15 to 10 games.

Please see this article in SB Nation for a further discussion.
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