Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jack Bruce of Cream passes at age 71

One of the best super groups of the late 1960s was Cream with Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton.  It was announced today that Jack Bruce passed away at age 71.  He performed as a solo artist after Cream had broken up.  My favorite Cream hit was White Room.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Van Lingle Mungo The Song and The Book

A few months ago I joined SABR (Society of American Baseball Research). As a member I received a free copy of the book Van Lingle Mungo.  There was a song by that title written by Dave Frishberg.  It lists Mungo who pitched for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1930s with other players of that era.  The book offers short biographies of the players in the song:

Heenie Majeski, Johnny Gee
Eddie Joost, Johnny Pesky, Thornton Lee
Danny Gardella
Van Lingle Mungo

Whitey Kurowski, Max Lanier
Eddie Waitkus and Johnny Vandermeer
Bob Estalella
Van Lingle Mungo

Augie Bergamo, Sigmund Jakucki
Big Johnny Mize and Barney McCosky
Hal Trosky

Augie Galan and Pinky May
Stan Hack and Frenchy Bordagaray
Phil Cavaretta, George McQuinn
Howie Pollett and Early Wynn
Art Passarella
Van Lingle Mungo

John Antonelli, Ferris Fain
Frankie Crosetti, Johnny Sain
Harry Brecheen and Lou Boudreau
Frankie Gustine and Claude Passeau
Eddie Basinski
Ernie Lombardi
Hughie Mulcahy
Van Lingle...Van Lingle Mungo

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Who in Monroe Township, New Jersey is Reading This Journal?

I constantly monitor the readership of Bruce's Journal through Google Analytics.  Over the last year somebody from Monroe Township, New Jersey has accessed this site 379 times which is slightly more than once a day.  Monroe Township is off exit 8A of the New Jersey Turnpike in southern Middlesex County.  It is a bedroom community with a population about 39,000 halfway between NYC and Philadelphia.

I don't know anyone from that township.  Don Tandler lives in East or West Windsor which is nearby.  I think Don reads this journal once in a while but not as much as once a day.  I don't think anyone from NJIT lives there as it is a good 60 miles away from Newark.

Is this individual a

  • Bob Dylan fan
  • New York Mets fan
  • Jeopardy enthuisast
  • Oldies music maven
I am inviting Mr. or Ms. Monroe Township to reveal his/her identity and why he/she is attracted to this blog.  It gets about 20 hits a day and I often wonder who reads it.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Vote for Your Favorite Oldies

Mike Riccio, Tom Natoli and the other Chart Guys need your help to compile the list of the 77 most popular oldies.  We know that radio station do have such promotions, but "fudge" the results as they don't want to include songs that are out of format.  Please go to the Oldies Board and vote for your 7 favorite oldies.

The survey will be heard on Bob Radil's 60s 70s show on Rewound Radio around Christmas.  Here are my 7 favorites:

Song/Artist 1: Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan (1965)
Song/Artist 2: Turn Turn Turn (To Everything There Is A Season) - Byrds (1965)
Song/Artist 3: Mrs Robinson - Simon and Garfunkel (1968)
Song/Artist 4: Abigail Beecher - Freddie ( Freddy ) Cannon (1964)
Song/Artist 5: Mellow Yellow - Donovan (1966)
Song/Artist 6: Let It Be - Beatles (1970)
Song/Artist 7: Imagine - John Lennon (1971)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bob Dylan's Never Ending Tour Resumes on the West Coast

After Bob toured Australia and New Zealand, he took a month off.  I think he deserves a break as he is 73 years old.  Anyway last night the tour resumed at the Paramount Theater in Seattle and got a positive review in a local newspaper.  He has not varied the set list at all as most of the songs are relatively recent.  The big day for us is November 29 at the Beacon Theater.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Love Letters on Broadway

This year Karen and I chose Love Letters as our Broadway show for our anniversary.  I think this was the first time we did not see a musical.  The show relates letters that were sent between Melissa Gardner and Andrew Makepeace Ladd over a 50 year period.  We saw Carol Burnett and Brian Dennehy in today's show, but as you can from the web site other significant actors and actresses will appear in the weeks to come.

The entire show was dialog as the two characters sat at a table and read their letters.  You really had to pay attention and realize that the years were going by during the readings.  I recommend it highly.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

9th Anniversary of Bruce's Journal

It was October 15, 2005 when I started this blog on AOL.  It eventually moved over to the Blogger service offered by Google.  There have been over 2600 posts covering topics from the ridiculous to the sublime.  I would classify the posts as:

  • Autobiographical
  • New York Mets
  • Other Baseball
  • Oldies
  • Bob Dylan
  • Mass Transit - in the last year these have moved to NYNJcommuting
  • Random comments
I try not to get too personal.  We all have problems, illnesses and setbacks, but do we want to share them with everybody?  I keep in mind that anyone can access my posts.  I sometimes wonder who is lurking out there.
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