Monday, October 16, 2017

34th Wedding Anniversary Today

Endless Love by Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross was our wedding song.  Karen picked it all those years ago.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Happy Birthday to New York City Culture's Best Friend

October 15 is the birthday of Roy Herschaft who easily New York City Culture's best friend.  As he is retired for over 10 years he enjoys opera, ballet, concerts, theater, and movies.  While he is out enjoying himself he records cultural programs on Channel 13.

I met Roy all those years ago when we were students at Forest Hills High School.  We used to walk along Saunders Street in Rego Park and then down 67th Avenue to school.  The topic of conversation was often the WMCA and WABC music surveys.

By the way, today is also the 12th anniversary of Bruce's Journal.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

LIU Post 52 Southern Connecticut State 35

It was cloudy and dreary in the morning, but the weather cleared up in the afternoon so we drove up to the LIU Post campus in Brookville to see college football.  Most of the Division II games that we have seen there have been high scoring.  I guess it is difficult to organize defensive strategies.  The 87 points for the two schools meant 12 touchdowns and 1 field goal was scored.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Random Comments of the Day

Austin Rogers lost on Jeopardy last night, thus he is leaving after 12 victories and obviously will return for the Tournament of Champions.  There is always a luck factor in Jeopardy with the categories, questions, and competition.

It will be the Yankees playing the Astros in the ALCS and the Dodgers against the Cubs in the NLCS.  In a short series, anything can happen.  Baseball games are long enough, but they are longer in the postseason. If the games will start at 8 PM, I will likely be unable to stay up for the entire game.

I am taking a vacation day as I lose any accrued vacation time that I have when I retire at the end of December.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Austin Rogers Jeopardy Superstar

Today, Austin Rogers, a bartender from New York City won his 12th game and has amassed winnings of $411,000.  Most of his victories have been runaways.  How far will he go?  Of course, Ken Jennings with winnings of over $2,000,000 in 74 victories is the all-time winner.  He usually bets big bucks on Daily Doubles and gets it right.

You never know when the categories will not be in his areas of expertise or when he will lose big on a Daily Double.  One game at a time.

Monday, October 9, 2017

John Lennon - 77 If

Woman was on the Double Fantasy album which was released shortly before his death.  Today is the 77th anniversary of his birth.  We will never know what songs he would have written if he had lived.  Would there have been a reunion of the 4 Beatles?  Would he have collaborated with Elton John, Bob Dylan or anyone else?

RIP John.  You left us some wonderful songs as a Beatle and a solo performer.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Mini 50th Reunion for Forest Hills High School Class of 1967

Bruce Slutsky, Phil Belkin, David Rachlin

18 members of FHHS Class of 1967 and 5 spouses came to a reunion at Ben's Deli in Manhattan today.  Mike Seidman and I ran it the same way as we do for the oldies meets and greets as we have done over many years.  Sometimes a small gathering is better as you can talk to everyone sometime during the event.  Other high school reunions in the past were very large with loud music making it difficult to communicate.

Sadly, many of classmates have passed away.  I certainly did not expect people to come from afar to attend a short gathering.  It inexpensive and easy to organize.  The feedback I received was very positive.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Tom Petty Covers The Byrds

This was actually a Gene Clark song that was released as a single in the mid-1960s and really should have been a bigger hit and has appeared on Rich Appel's surveys.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

12th Annual Oldies Meet and Greet is Set for Saturday November 11 at Ben's Deli

Cool Bobby B spoke to the group last year

The 12th Annual Meet and Greet of Oldies Radio Enthusiasts will take place Saturday November 11 from 2 PM – 4 PM at Ben's Deli 209 West 38thStreet, New York, NY. Our gatherings in the past have attracted from 60 – 80 people. In the past radio personalities including Ken Dashow, Big Jay Sorensen, Broadway Bill Lee, Pat St. John, Sue O'Neal, Jim Kerr, and Carol Miller have attended. This year we have invited Ken Dashow host of the Beatles show on Q-104.3  and as of now he plans to attend. Bob Radil of Rewound Radio and Cool Bobby B of SiriusXM 50s on 5 are likely to attend.  Louise Murray of the Jaynetts has come to some of our events in the past .We will announce if radio or music personalities are coming.

This year there will be a choice of (sandwiches): Corned Beef, Roast Beef, Brisket, Pastrami, Turkey, Smoked Turkey, Chicken Salad,  Salami, , 2 Hot Dogs, Tuna Salad, Vegetable Burger, Pasta Primavera, House Salad with French Fries and Choice of Bottomless Fountain Soda or Iced Tea. There will be cole slaw, pickles and rye bread on every table.

The cost will be $19 per person which includes tax, dessert and gratuities. You must order a meal. We are making these changes so that people will get their food faster and there will no problems with splitting the check since everyone pays the same price.

You may state you are coming on Facebook or send an email to Bruce Slutsky ( or Jeff Scheckner ( Please feel to contact either one of us if you have any questions.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

RIP Tom Petty

Yesterday I heard the terrible news that Tom Petty had passed away at age 66.  He certainly made a tremendous contribution to rock music since the late 1970s.  Back in 1986, I saw him back up Bob Dylan at Madison Square Garden.

Tom Petty and Bob Dylan's paths crossed again in the late 1980s when they played together as the Traveling Wilburys.  One of my favorites was End of the Line as seen above.  It is sad that 3 of the 5 members of that supergroup have passed away.  Jeff Lynne and Bob Dylan are the only survivors.

RIP Tom.

Monday, October 2, 2017

What is this World Coming To?

I just can't say anything different about the tragedy in Las Vegas.  The report on ABC News said that the gunman obtained the guns legally, so changing the laws is not the solution.  What is next?  People are trying to enjoy a concert and get gunned down.  Whenever I pass through Penn Station in NYC and Newark I am grateful to see police and National Guard troops since a mass transit hub is a prime target for an active shooter situation.

My best wishes for speedy recoveries to those injured and condolences to the families of the deceased.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Twyla Tharp, Bob Dylan Songs and More at the Joyce Theater

We went over to the Joyce Theater on 8th Avenue and 19th street to see her group perform.  I am not qualified to critique dance so I'll refer my readers to the review in the New York Times.  The first performance was called the Raggedy Dances which featured a pianist playing ragtime music.  The second act was The Fugue with no music at all.  Both of those programs were first done in the early 1970s.  There was a new piece called Entr'acte where Twyla Tharp appeared in a sweat short and danced with her troupe while talking to her dancers.  She danced very well for a 76-year-old.

Now to Dylan Love Songs where the troupe danced to actual Dylan recordings.    The songs were

  • You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
  • Lovesick
  • I Want You 
  • Simple Twist of Fate
  • Things Have Changed 
  • Shelter from the Storm
  • Jokerman
When the dancers performed to Lovesick I really thought that someone would appear as "Soy Bomb" as seen below from the 1998 Grammy Awards Ceremony.  It didn't happen today.

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